About Us

Our roots go back over 60 years to when we started out as the Oklahoma Trappers Association and even though we’ve branched off in the past and we have had different names we are once again a single organization and our focus is the same as it has always been, helping to conserve and protect our wildlife heritage here in Oklahoma.

Trapping is one of the most misunderstood of all of our outdoor activities, even among other outdoor enthusiasts. But it is well documented how trapping plays a vital role in modern conservation efforts. Trapping is sometimes the only tool that wildlife agencies have to keep certain species populations in check. We have modernized and undergone many advancements to ensure the humane and effective impact we have on our natural resources.

The Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance is dedicated to teach and pass on the best, most ethical practices when it comes to utilizing Oklahoma’s wildlife.


President: R. C. Edgar 405.238.0012

Vice President: Gary Jarman 405.207.4840

Secretary/Treasurer: Shawn Bell 405.238.4061

NTA/FTA Director: Shannon Sheffert

District #1: Noel Carruthers 918.288.7437                                                   and Scott Newby 918.864.1984

District #2: Terry Waggoner 405.586.2570
and Lloyd Teeters 580.515.5102

District #3:  Monty Dodson 405.596.6868                                                                 and Brad Thomure 918.944.8673

District #4: Dwight Keen 479.651.7860                                                                   and Evan Crosby 918.964.1554

District #5: Kyler Damron 405.655.9921                                                             and Matt Yokum 405.201.1388

District #6: Doran Smith 918.413.0908
and Tracy Anderson